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Do Logo Registration To Gain Potentials for Your Business

Logo Registration

Logo Registration

To make stronger your ownership over your business name or mark, registration of name or logo of that business is required. As a business name, logo is major tools to signify the any brand, which is also a graphical portrays of company name. Logo registration is needed these days in order to keeping secure and stronger in market. No one can use your business name or logo, needed is that you need also do registration of logo. Trademark a logo is best method to keeping owned your company logo and using trademark attorney services are a way to register your logo under trademark act 1999. Need to consult the solicitors or agents for complete explanations over logo registration.

Procedure of Logo Registration:

  • Do design search in case of look like an already registered design
  • Consult trademark attorney to do more accurately searching of logo and process of required paperwork during registration
  • Provide necessary details to the tm solicitors, consisting of names and address of company, type of services associated with the mark
  • Bring in the drawing of mark (it depends on how you actually use the mark on goods or offering services)
  • Pay trademark filing fee according to class of goods or services.