Superlative Services for Brand Registration in Delhi

Brand Registration in Delhi

Brand Registration in Delhi

Because of offering superlative, swift, and fully responsible services for trademark registration and protection at national and international levels worldwide, our Delhi-based law firm is rather renowned. Naturally, for brand registration in delhi, ours services are among the top-notch and highly preferred legal services in entire India. Trademarks and service marks categorized under all 45 broad and discrete classes of these, and proposed by companies and firms located in cities all across Delhi and NCR, are expeditiously, expertly, and economically handled by our internationally reputed trademark lawyers, for flawless registration of these in India and under all international conventions for these, such as the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European CTM. All required pivotal services during the registration process in India and abroad, are punctiliously extended by us.


Our Ace Trademark Services Serve All Sectors

Trademark Search in India

Trademark Search in India

Our globally admired and reputed law firm of India (well-based in Delhi) is immensely popular and preferable for superlative and swift legal services for all different categories of intellectual property, inseparably including the trademarks and service marks. So far, myriads of entrepreneurs, companies, firms, and multinational business conglomerates pertaining to India and other countries worldwide, have been greatly benefited by ours top-notch IPR services. Here, only the legal services for formation and registration of trademarks and service marks belonging to all 45 classes of these, are exclusively illustrated.

Business companies, professional firms, and service entities active in various economic fields, and located in any State of India, can readily avail our impeccable, brisk, and economical legal services for registration of their respective trademarks and service marks with any relevant trademark office of India, or under any desired international trademark convention. Our reputed and responsible IPR law firm is quite prominent in India and abroad for swift and flawless trademark search in india, and dutiful and expert services for registration and protection of all trademarks. In connection with registration of a trademark, the services undertaken by our internationally renowned trademark lawyers are ingenious and expert guidance for trademark creation, verification of its indisputable uniqueness, filing the completed application for registration, resolving allegations of opposition or infringement, and presenting intelligent prosecution for best and brisk registration.

Is LLP Registration in India a Safe Means of Partnership?

LLP Registration in India

LLP Registration in India

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is a group seems as a partnership that is involved in carrying out a firm or business mutually. It is also called a group of 2 or 3 or more partners who are paying his equal attention, assets, time etc to manage the business. Doing favorably the limited liability business in India, it is needed to do llp registration in india for having complete legal rights that safe actually your liability and rights to show your limited possession with a value in the market.

Want to register your llp or limited liability partnership firm before launching your limited liability company in anywhere in India, there is a law firm that is offering valuable services to let you to do llp registration perfectly in continuing any types of llp firm in this vast most observed nation of the world. As per legal term, no partner could be liable for gain or loss or any unauthorized action of other partners.

LLP Registration in India Procedure is Given Here:

•  Apply for DIN 1 and DSC
•  Application for name availability of the proposed llp
•  Verification of documents and forms
•  Filling of incorporation document & subscription statement (e-form 2)
•  Certificate of incorporation
•  Drafting of llp agreement
•  Filing of llp agreement (e-form 3)
•  Approval of form 3

Logo Registration Process in Delhi to Secure Individual Recognition

Logo Registration in Delhi

Logo Registration in Delhi

Logo, an illustrated emblem, is of course a best part of our business as it signifies business as an individual brand name. A manufacturer can simply describe his products with a logo in the marketplace and towards people. If an individual wants a pioneering business, they should keep up alive everything allied to business such as logo, name, design, mark etc. As Delhi is famous for key business hub, there are of course several ways one can secure to promote the business and products in the souk. Logo registration is essential if you want to explain your company and your supplies or goods thoroughly.

Given about logo registration in delhi peculiarly for those who are having own company in this capital city and national capital regions, individual or businessman can actually register their company logo to secure from using by others. A registered logo sure gives an on the spot recognition with buyers to the company and represent individually a business organization. As giving remarkable marketing power, logos are key reason why big companies are investing much in discovering superior design.
Logos should be simple and understanding to everyone. You must take a glance at logo registration procedure in Delhi:

  • Search of Logo
  • Filing of Logo Registration Application
  • Examination of Logo Registration Application
  • Publication of Logo in Trademark Journal
  • Logo Registration Certificate

Companies ACT 2013 and Key Highlights

Company Registration in India

Company Registration in India

The existing Indian Companies Act, which has been in force for almost 57 years, is being replaced by New Companies Act, 2013, with many new concepts & material changes, as compared to the prevailing Act. The Act makes comprehensive provisions to govern all listed and unlisted companies in the country. The New Act is partially made effective w.e.f. 12th September, 2013, by implementing 98 Sections and repealing the corresponded sections with the existing Act. The Act has been enacted with a view to modernize legislation, governance initiatives, business friendly regulations, Corporate Social Responsibility, detailed disclosure norms, more transparency & accountability with strict enforcement, for a better regulatory framework.

The key highlights of the New Act are as under:

1. Maximum number of members in a private company increased from 50 to 200.
2. A new concept for One Person Company with Limited Liability.
3. Government has rightly condensed the need for the companies to seek approvals and the shareholders have been vested with the power to sanction the limit.
4. The efforts for a uniform financial year – ending 31 March each year, have been made.
5. Loan to directors has been prohibited except in case of MD or a whole time director (WTD) and if such loan is in accordance with the terms of services extended to all employees or is approved by shareholders by special resolution. Further, Provision for loan to directors applicable to private companies.
6. The new Act provides for rotation of auditors and audit firms in case of publicly traded companies.
7. The fast track and simplified procedure for mergers and amalgamations has been introduced for certain class of companies such as holding and subsidiary, and small companies after obtaining approval of the Indian government.
8. The new Act also permitted cross border mergers, both ways; a foreign company merging with an India Company and vice versa but with prior permission of RBI.
9. The duties of Directors have now been defined in the new Act.
10. The appointment of at least one woman Director on the Board of the prescribed class of Companies has been mandated so as to widen the talent pool from diversified backgrounds with different viewpoints.

Brand Name and Logo Registration in India

Brand and Logo Registration

Brand and Logo Registration

Any Business or any trade is associated with a logo, name or signature for the purpose of identification to have originated from a certain identified source to separate it from the rest of the market. The marks associated with goods acquire a reputation and goodwill. The reputation of the trader suffers if spurious goods are sold in his name therefore the interests of the both consumer and trader can be saved if some definite symbol is attached with the goods specifying the origin of goods from a definite trade source. Such a symbol is called trade mark.

A simpler definition of trade mark would be any sign which can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another which includes words, logos, colours, slogans, three-dimensional shapes.

For example: The quality of tea sold in the packs marked ‘Brooke Bond Tea’ would be similar but different from tea labeled with mark ‘Taj Mahal’.

A trademark serves several functions: it identifies the product and its origin; it guarantees its quality; it advertises the product and creates an image of the product in the minds of public particularly consumers.

Trade Mark Law in India:

Enactment of the Trade and Merchandises Act, 1958 brought into existence a system of registration of trade marks which gave statutory recognition to proprietorship of trade marks and defined the rights conferred by such registration and prescribed remedies in respect of infringement of those rights. The 1958 Act has been replaced by 1999 Act.

In order to bring into India the Madrid protocol, The Trade Marks (Amendment) Act 2010, was passed on 21st September, 2010. However the amendment has not been implemented so far by any government notification.

Legal Basis

1) Trade Marks Act,1999
2) Trade Marks Rules,2002

Features of Trade Marks Act, 1999

Service marks: The 1999 Act makes service marks also registerable which were however not registerable under the Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, 1958.

Collective marks: Marks being used by a group of companies can be protected by the groups collectively.

Well known marks: Marks which are deemed to be well known have been defined by the Trade Mark Registry. Such marks will enjoy greater protection.

The Registered trade mark needs to be renewed every ten years.

Patent Registration to Stay Intellectual Property Protected

Patent Registration India

Patent Registration India

Filing of patent is just a procedure of obtaining patent grant, and one has full rights to use the patent rights regarding their intellectual property to sue against the attempt of any infringement act. Doing a patent registration is quite a first step to making secure your invention in India, is made at patent office. For patent filing, form should be submitted at patent office and can be filed online as well. But individual need to send hard copy to the patent registrar office.

Today, patent offices are located in metropolitans such Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. One can file patent application only in the particular office where their company or organization is situated. As patent registration in India is carried under the patent act 1970, individual needs simply follow entire rules and regulations during patent filing. The application can be made only by inventor, assigner, and legal representative of inventor or assigner.

Requirements of Patent Registration:

  • Approval of agent
  • Sets of drawings
  • All Primary document in terms of claimed
  • Full name, address, profession and nationality of both the inventor and the applican
  • Evidence of the applicant’s right to make the application within six months from the date of application filing
  • Assertion as to inventor-ship, signed by the applicant
  • Application Form 1 accordingly finished and signed

Design Registration is to Bring Commercial Gains and Marketability

Design Registration

Design Registration

A design is a graphical depiction includes shape, composition of colors, and pattern, makes an article appealing and smart. Gives huge commercial value of particular product along with boosting advertising, design can be fabulous and worthy assets for any business person because it reflects the particular goods or services. Design registration is made by Designs Act 2000 and Designs Rules 2001 to give full rights to businessmen to bough, sold, transferred and licensed.

Registration of design is totally worthy for one, help to make an individuality of the business in the marketplace. Several of considerable things need to keep in mind during the design registration and you can consult solicitors for help.

Essentials for Design Registration:

  • Design should be new or original
  • Not be revealed to the publication or in any other previous to the filing date
  • Considerably noticeable from famous design
  • Not enclose obscene matter
  • Not be a simple mechanical apparatus
  • Be applied to an object and should appeal to the eye
  • Not be opposing to the public order

Benefits of Design Registration:

  • Design remains an article appealing and attractive
  • Gains saleable value of a product with marketability
  • Exclusive right against illegal ersatz of the design
  • Make sure the design of the products is elite
  • Help customer to recognize design of the product

Do Logo Registration To Gain Potentials for Your Business

Logo Registration

Logo Registration

To make stronger your ownership over your business name or mark, registration of name or logo of that business is required. As a business name, logo is major tools to signify the any brand, which is also a graphical portrays of company name. Logo registration is needed these days in order to keeping secure and stronger in market. No one can use your business name or logo, needed is that you need also do registration of logo. Trademark a logo is best method to keeping owned your company logo and using trademark attorney services are a way to register your logo under trademark act 1999. Need to consult the solicitors or agents for complete explanations over logo registration.

Procedure of Logo Registration:

  • Do design search in case of look like an already registered design
  • Consult trademark attorney to do more accurately searching of logo and process of required paperwork during registration
  • Provide necessary details to the tm solicitors, consisting of names and address of company, type of services associated with the mark
  • Bring in the drawing of mark (it depends on how you actually use the mark on goods or offering services)
  • Pay trademark filing fee according to class of goods or services.

Trademark Registration – A Trendy Step In Favor of Your Brand

Trademark Registration

Needed are of those legal supports and steps, when a company wants its growth in the market. Many factors during the business, are carried impeccably favor the business. Trademark is one makes a business or brand booming in the market and afford also complete legal protection right through the business span. A trademark gives complete shielding platform to hold your business appropriately in the market. So, one needs trademark registration to be convinced for business growth and you can also attempt this step if desires of trade development with grabbing attention of people towards your business.

Trademark registration is being a big marketing tool that steer your business gradually to the success along with safe environment. In India, tm registration is made under trademark law act 1999 as per federal government of any nations. Features of tm registration is discussed here, take complete review:

  • Registration of TM lets to trademark your goods.
  • One will have rights to use TM for at least ten years and renewed thereafter.
  • Have legal rights to maintain registration of trademark.
  • Replications of registered trademark are not permitted.
  • Associations have rights to own the registration of collective mark.
  • TM offences could be made cognizable.
  • Expansion of application of reunion nations.